The succesfully folk dance group Selva and S. Cristina welcome you!

The events & performances


Activities 2019

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January 11th 2019 General assembly
February 22nd 2019 Moonlight tobogganing
March 05th 2019 Carneval evening
May 10th 2019 Fox dancing evening
June 07th 2019 Performance Walzer Platz Bolzano
July 10th 2019 Tyrolean evening Selva
July 19th 2019 Performance S. Cristina
July 23th 2019 Performance Vigo di Fassa
August 04th 2019 Fotoshooting summer
August 04th 2019 Performance Val Gardena in costume
August 11th 2019 Performance S. Cristina
August 13th 2019 Performance Corvara
August 15th 2019 Parade of Ferragosto
August 21st 2019 Tyrolean evening Selva
August 27th 2019 Performance S. Cristina
September 28 30th 2019 Welcoming the Alps Festival a Abtenau (Austria)
October 11th 2019 Dancing course
October 18th 2019 Dancing course
October 20th 2019 Parade and performance Grape Festival in Merano
October 25th 2019 Dancing course
November 23rd 2019 Gathering for musicians and dancers
November 29th 2019 Trggelen
December 05th 2019 Traditional "Glckelnacht" singing from house to house
December 12th 2019 Traditional "Glckelnacht" singing from house to house
December 19th 2019 Traditional "Glckelnacht" singing from house to house

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