The succesfully folk dance group Selva and S. Cristina welcome you!

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Training - autumn 2017Training - autumn 2017 Törggelen - 03.11.2017Törggelen - 03.11.2017 Ibiza - 19.10.2017Ibiza - 19.10.2017
dancing lessons - 13.10.2017dancing lessons - 13.10.2017 Cortina - 27.08.2017Cortina - 27.08.2017 Photoshooting - 13.08.2017Photoshooting - 13.08.2017
Performancein pedestrian zone - 01.08.2017Performancein pedestrian zone - 01.08.2017 Performancein Selva - 19.07.2017Performancein Selva - 19.07.2017 Museum de Gherdeina - 15.07.2017Museum de Gherdeina - 15.07.2017
farmer's market S. Cristina - 04.07.2017farmer's market S. Cristina - 04.07.2017 Sacred Heart celebration - 25.06.2017Sacred Heart celebration - 25.06.2017 Society-assembly - 13.01.2017Society-assembly - 13.01.2017
Photoshooting - 29.10.2016Photoshooting - 29.10.2016 "Törggelen" - 22.10.2016"Törggelen" - 22.10.2016 Rimini - Umbria - 01-04.09.2016Rimini - Umbria - 01-04.09.2016
Folkloristic procession Selva - 15.08.2016Folkloristic procession Selva - 15.08.2016 Piazza Nives - 03.08.2016Piazza Nives - 03.08.2016 Festa di Ladins - 17.07.2016Festa di Ladins - 17.07.2016
Seira de bal tla mesana - 14.06.2016Seira de bal tla mesana - 14.06.2016 Piazza Walzer - 03.06.2016Piazza Walzer - 03.06.2016 Gauderfest - 30.04.2016Gauderfest - 30.04.2016
Breakfast Pana - 20.03.2016Breakfast Pana - 20.03.2016 Vollversammlung ARGE - 06.02.2016Vollversammlung ARGE - 06.02.2016 Society-assembly - 09.01.2016Society-assembly - 09.01.2016
Tlecanocht - 03.12.2015Tlecanocht - 03.12.2015 Sölden - 28.11.2015Sölden - 28.11.2015 Festa di 30 ani NJG - 21.11.2015Festa di 30 ani NJG - 21.11.2015
"Törggelen" - 24.10.2015"Törggelen" - 24.10.2015 Expo Milano - 03.10.2015Expo Milano - 03.10.2015 Wedding of Andreas and Anna - 12.09.2015Wedding of Andreas and Anna - 12.09.2015
Photoshooting Pana - 06.09.2015Photoshooting Pana - 06.09.2015 Ferragosto - 15.08.2015Ferragosto - 15.08.2015 Performance at  Canazei - 10.08.2015Performance at Canazei - 10.08.2015
Barbecue - 114.06.2015Barbecue - 114.06.2015 Sledging at Gerard - 13.02.2015Sledging at Gerard - 13.02.2015 Photoshooting Passo Sella - 31.01.2015Photoshooting Passo Sella - 31.01.2015
Society-assembly - 09.01.2015Society-assembly - 09.01.2015 Tlecanocht - 04.12.2014Tlecanocht - 04.12.2014 Christmas dinner - 27.11.2014Christmas dinner - 27.11.2014
Törggelen in Oberbozen - 30.10.2014Törggelen in Oberbozen - 30.10.2014 trip to Switzerland - 02.10.2014trip to Switzerland - 02.10.2014 Gran Festa da d'Instà - 07.09.2014Gran Festa da d'Instà - 07.09.2014
"Gröden in Tracht" + Photoshooting - 03.08.2014 Barbecue - 18.07.2014Barbecue - 18.07.2014 Performance in S. Cristina - 09.07.2014Performance in S. Cristina - 09.07.2014
Wedding Matthias & Karin - 06.07.2014Wedding Matthias & Karin - 06.07.2014 Gauderfest - 04.05.2014Gauderfest - 04.05.2014 Moonlight-tobogging - 15.03.2014Moonlight-tobogging - 15.03.2014
Night skiing Night skiing "Sochers" - 11.02.2014 Dinner Dinner "Ruacia" - 17.12.2013 Tlecanocht - 12. & 19.12.2013Tlecanocht - 12. & 19.12.2013
Törggelen - 26.10.2013Törggelen - 26.10.2013 Trip to Malta - 03.10.2013Trip to Malta - 03.10.2013 Wedding David & Melanie - 28.09.2013Wedding David & Melanie - 28.09.2013
Gran Festa da Insta Canazei - 08.09.2013Gran Festa da Insta Canazei - 08.09.2013 Performance S. Cristina - 11.08.2013Performance S. Cristina - 11.08.2013 Photoshooting - 04.08.2013Photoshooting - 04.08.2013
Performance Iman - 04.08.2013Performance Iman - 04.08.2013 Barbecue - 19.07.2013Barbecue - 19.07.2013 Performance Vigo - 09.07.2013Performance Vigo - 09.07.2013
Festa di 30 ani - 30.06.2013Festa di 30 ani - 30.06.2013 Wedding Angelica & Christoph 04.05.2013Wedding Angelica & Christoph 04.05.2013 ski trip Obereggen - 14.03.2013ski trip Obereggen - 14.03.2013
Photoshooting Daunei - 26.01.2013Photoshooting Daunei - 26.01.2013 Sledging at the moonlight<br />23rd march 2013Sledging at the moonlight
23rd march 2013
 Dressed as dwarves<br />9th february 2013Dressed as dwarves
9th february 2013
"Glöckelnacht"<br />6th, 13th and 20th december 2012"Glöckelnacht"
6th, 13th and 20th december 2012
 Last dance training 2012<br />27th november 2012Last dance training 2012
27th november 2012
 Travel to Brussels<br />from 1st to 4th november 2012Travel to Brussels
from 1st to 4th november 2012
"Törggelen"<br />19th october 2012"Törggelen"
19th october 2012
 "Festa da d'instè" in Canazei/Val di Fassa<br />9th september 2012"Festa da d'instè" in Canazei/Val di Fassa
9th september 2012
 Barbecue evening<br />24th august 2012Barbecue evening
24th august 2012
Exhibition at Chiusa<br />16th august 2012Exhibition at Chiusa
16th august 2012
 Photoshooting in Vallunga<br />5th august 2012Photoshooting in Vallunga
5th august 2012
 Exhibition at Vigo di Fassa<br />24th july 2012Exhibition at Vigo di Fassa
24th july 2012
Serata di danza popolare<br />18th may 2012Serata di danza popolare
18th may 2012
 Skiing at the Marmolada<br />12th march 2012Skiing at the Marmolada
12th march 2012
 General meeting and elections<br />13th january 2012General meeting and elections
13th january 2012
"Glöckelnacht"<br />13th december 2011"Glöckelnacht"
13th december 2011
 "Glöckelnacht"<br />1st, 8th, 15th and 22nd december 2011"Glöckelnacht"
1st, 8th, 15th and 22nd december 2011
 "Törggelen" in St. Osvald<br />15th october 2011"Törggelen" in St. Osvald
15th october 2011
Travel to Sorrento<br />from 29th september to 2nd october 2011Travel to Sorrento
from 29th september to 2nd october 2011
 Photoshooting<br />31st july 2011Photoshooting
31st july 2011
 Village festival S. Cristina<br />31st july 2011Village festival S. Cristina
31st july 2011
Serata di danza popolare<br />13th may 2011Serata di danza popolare
13th may 2011
 Skiing at the Marmolada<br />20th march 2011Skiing at the Marmolada
20th march 2011
 Sledging at the moonlight<br />19th march 2011Sledging at the moonlight
19th march 2011
Photoshooting<br />12nd february 2011Photoshooting
12nd february 2011
 General meeting and elections<br />7th january 2011General meeting and elections
7th january 2011
 "Glöckelnacht"<br />2nd, 9th, 16th and 23rd december 2010"Glöckelnacht"
2nd, 9th, 16th and 23rd december 2010
"Törggelen" in Gudon<br />16th october 2010"Törggelen" in Gudon
16th october 2010
 Travel to Stockholm/Sweden<br />from 29th until 1st november 2010Travel to Stockholm/Sweden
from 29th until 1st november 2010
 Folclore Festival Val Gardena<br />1st august 2010Folclore Festival Val Gardena
1st august 2010
Photoshooting<br />1st august 2010Photoshooting
1st august 2010
 Tyrolese evening in Corvara<br />14th july 2010Tyrolese evening in Corvara
14th july 2010
 Serata di danza popolare<br />14th may 2010Serata di danza popolare
14th may 2010
Sledging at the moonlight<br />26th march 2010Sledging at the moonlight
26th march 2010
 Skiing at night in Pozza di Fassa<br />23rd february 2010Skiing at night in Pozza di Fassa
23rd february 2010
 General meeting and elections<br />15th january 2010General meeting and elections
15th january 2010
"Glöckelnacht"<br />3rd, 10th and 17th december 2009"Glöckelnacht"
3rd, 10th and 17th december 2009
 Performanca in Steinegg<br />7th november 2009Performanca in Steinegg
7th november 2009
 "Törggelen" in Laion<br />30th october 2009"Törggelen" in Laion
30th october 2009
Travel to Calella/Spain<br />from 26th until 30th september 2009Travel to Calella/Spain
from 26th until 30th september 2009
 "Festa da d'instè" in Canazei/Val di Fassa<br />6th september 2009"Festa da d'instè" in Canazei/Val di Fassa
6th september 2009
 Folclore Festival Val Gardena<br />2nd august 2009Folclore Festival Val Gardena
2nd august 2009
Photoshooting<br />9th march 2009Photoshooting
9th march 2009
 Wedding of our member Monica<br />23rd march 2009Wedding of our member Monica
23rd march 2009
 Serata di danza popolare<br />15th march 2009Serata di danza popolare
15th march 2009
Skiing at night in Marinzen<br />4th february 2009Skiing at night in Marinzen
4th february 2009
 "Glöckelnacht"<br />11th december 2008"Glöckelnacht"
11th december 2008
 Party to the 25th anniversary<br />12th september 2008Party to the 25th anniversary
12th september 2008
Tyrolese evening in S. Cristina<br />9th september 2008Tyrolese evening in S. Cristina
9th september 2008
 Travel to Rome<br />from 4th until 7th september 2008Travel to Rome
from 4th until 7th september 2008
 Village festival S. Cristina<br />10th august 2008Village festival S. Cristina
10th august 2008
Photoshooting<br />14th june 2008Photoshooting
14th june 2008
 Serata di danza popolare<br />16th march 2008Serata di danza popolare
16th march 2008
 "Glöckelnacht"<br />6th, 13th and 21st december 2007"Glöckelnacht"
6th, 13th and 21st december 2007
"Törggelen" at "Unterfinserhof"<br />26th october 2007"Törggelen" at "Unterfinserhof"
26th october 2007
 Travel to Vienna - Austria<br />from 6th until 9th september 2007Travel to Vienna - Austria
from 6th until 9th september 2007
 Folclore Festival Val Gardena<br />5th august 2007Folclore Festival Val Gardena
5th august 2007
Tyrolese evening in Corvara<br />1st august 2007Tyrolese evening in Corvara
1st august 2007
 Maratona dles Dolomites 2007<br />1st july 2007Maratona dles Dolomites 2007
1st july 2007
 Serata di danza popolare<br />18th march 2007Serata di danza popolare
18th march 2007
Sledging at the moonlight<br />30th march 2007Sledging at the moonlight
30th march 2007
 "Glöckelnacht"<br />7th, 14th and 21st december 2006"Glöckelnacht"
7th, 14th and 21st december 2006
 General meeting and elections<br />8th december 2006General meeting and elections
8th december 2006
Travel to Dresda<br />from 17th until 10th november 2006Travel to Dresda
from 17th until 10th november 2006
 "Törggelen" at "Unteraichnerhof"<br />27th october 2006"Törggelen" at "Unteraichnerhof"
27th october 2006
 Travel to Porec - Croazia<br />from 7th until 10th september 2006Travel to Porec - Croazia
from 7th until 10th september 2006
Folclore Festival Val Gardena<br />6th august 2006Folclore Festival Val Gardena
6th august 2006
 "Folklore ai piedi della Marmolada"<br />2nd july 2006"Folklore ai piedi della Marmolada"
2nd july 2006
 Folclore Dance Evening<br />18th may 2006Folclore Dance Evening
18th may 2006
Performance at the opening of the Olympic Games in Torino<br />from 8th until 11th february 2006Performance at the opening of the Olympic Games in Torino
from 8th until 11th february 2006
 Skiing at night in Marinzen<br />19th january 2006Skiing at night in Marinzen
19th january 2006
 "Glöckelnacht"<br />8th and 22nd december 2005"Glöckelnacht"
8th and 22nd december 2005
"Törggelen" at "Putzerhof"<br />28th october 2005"Törggelen" at "Putzerhof"
28th october 2005
 Travel to Toscana<br />from 1st until 4th september 2005Travel to Toscana
from 1st until 4th september 2005
 Performance in Selva Gardena<br />10th july 2005Performance in Selva Gardena
10th july 2005
New photoshooting<br />12th june 2005New photoshooting
12th june 2005
 Performance at the retirement home in Ortisei<br />12th june 2005Performance at the retirement home in Ortisei
12th june 2005
 Sledging at the moonlight<br />5th march 2005Sledging at the moonlight
5th march 2005
Photoshooting<br />19th october 2004Photoshooting
19th october 2004
 Performance open-air in Selva<br />2004Performance open-air in Selva
 Trip to Budapest<br />from 2nd until 5th september 2004Trip to Budapest
from 2nd until 5th september 2004
Performance in the winter<br />Winter 2004Performance in the winter
Winter 2004
 Skiing at night in Marinzen<br />27th january 2004Skiing at night in Marinzen
27th january 2004


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