The succesfully folk dance group Selva and S. Cristina welcome you!

The folk dance group Selva and S. Cristina


The Folk dancing group Selva S. Cristina is composed by young people of Selva and S. Cristina, who enjoy dancing, as well as having a good time together. The aim of the group is to keep typical tyrolese music, dance and costumes alive, in order to transmit them the next generations. The Folk dancing group participates to folklore removals and appears in occasion of tyrolese evenings in Val Gardena, but also in other place outside the valley. Bruno Riffeser founded the Folk dancing group Selva in the autumn of 1983, on behalf of the Association for Culture and Customs Selva. The first exhibition of the group took place six months later, in occasion of a ski race presentation ceremony. After that first experience, there were many other occasions to appear in front of an audience, in our area but also abroad. In 2002 some innovations took place: after many members left the group, a lot of other young and motivated people joined the group. In December 2002 the group was declared independent from the association for Culture and Customs Selva, changing the name to "Folk dancing group Selva S. Cristina".

    Images of the folk dance group Selva and S. Cristina of over 20 years